Google changes its look: A look at the latest news from the American company


The new rules linked to the technology sector often require companies operating in this sector to refurbish their image. This is what happened during the month of October to Google, which renewed the icons of all its main programs and systems, with more or less valid results, but which clearly point towards the concept of visual coherence, following for certain verse the example launched by Microsoft that has adopted this principle for the restyling of its Office package.

Without going too far into specific clarifications between what a logo and an icon is, Google has radicalized the concept of the thematic unit at a visual level, given that the colors and shapes of the new apps recall the main Google system, a concept that at first it could displace users, but in the long run it will pay off and be appreciated by most.

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For those who are attentive to novelties and innovations it will be clear that there has been a formal type of work that refers to a certain geometric vision of icons by Google. The shapes have been modified, albeit not in a radical way, while the new color themes exacerbate the rainbow vision on which the Mountain View company has built its stylistic signature.

However, more than discussing the graphic and formal aspect, it is interesting to ask the reason for this choice. The restyling of the logo for a company represents the need to go forward and evolve, following its own path, which in some cases is nothing more than a conservative choice, while rarely assuming innovative connotations at a radical level. Just take a look at competing companies or the entire technology sector, to find out how behind this type of choices and logic, there is often an intuition linked to continuity.

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