Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Family


The magic of the holiday season doesn’t have to end after your customary family gift exchange. This year, skip the generic, expected presents and instead offer up personalized gifts for every member of your family. Here are some gift ideas for members of your immediate and extended family.

For Your Parents

It’s easy to fall into a gift-giving rut, especially when it comes to your parents. After all, they don’t need yet another coffee mug, magazine subscription, or new kitchenware set, as these are some of the same items everyone else in the family gifts them every year. If your folks are one of the millions of Americans who have a family pet, what better way to honor their special relationship with the family dog or cat than with a custom silhouette pet portrait? 

It makes perfect sense, especially if your dad never runs an errand without the family dog riding shotgun and your mom’s cat is like her shadow. A pet silhouette portrait is a unique gift and one that’s sure to stand out. Indeed, it’s an almost guaranteed way to put a smile on their faces parents every time they view it.

For Your Siblings

You’ve spent your childhood teasing your siblings; now it’s time to pull at their heartstrings. Look for a piece of custom art relating to special places. You might consider where they attended college, the state where they got married, or where they live now. Think about the areas that mean the most to them for custom wall art that really resonates. 

Or, develop a custom piece of portrait house art featuring the family vacation home, grandma’s house, or the home where you all spent your childhood. With a custom map or house art, you won’t have to worry about giving your siblings something they already own. It’s a thoughtful gift — and conversation piece — that’s bound to be treasured and loved for the long term.

For Your Grandparents

Traveling and cruising are right at the top of the list for many a retiree. If your grandparents spend more time at sea or on the road than they do at home, then they may very well need a new suitcase and/or bag to pack clothing and other essentials. Indeed, if these belongings are well past their prime, it’s time for an update. A classic tote bag or pouch can help grandma and grandpa keep everything safe and organized (and look good while doing it). 

Look for designs that are sure to fit their personal style. While you may not be able to convince your grandma to ditch the neon pink fanny pack, at least you can give her a lovely weekender bag to hold her glasses, crossword puzzles, and passport. It’s a perfect, stylish solution for any kind of travel.

Meaningful Presents Mean So Much More

Don’t let your family members become one of the 46 percent of people who lie about liking their holiday gifts. Instead, give them something a little more personal this holiday season that they’ll always treasure. Whether you opt for custom weekender bags, pet or home portraits, map art, or calendars, you can’t go wrong with these and other personalized mementos. Certainly, the tears and smiles on their faces when they open a gift straight from the heart is something no last-minute gift grab could ever replicate.

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