5 ways online dating apps have changed the dating scene


When online dating apps first started making an appearance people were dumbfounded. Some thought the apps were cheesy, others demeaning, and others we’re too embarrassed to be caught using them. Yet the concept of meeting someone online has been around ever since the internet was first created. Now some of the best hookup apps have changed the way people approach meeting someone, and how they approach dating. Just like with every disruptor, dating apps provide a way of doing things differently. And over time, people tend to prefer that new way of doing things.  Here are the 5 ways online dating apps have changed the dating scene.

#5- Wide array of option

Because so many people use dating apps, users have a wide array of matching options available to them. Meaning, now more than ever, people can narrow down their preferences to choose a partner more than they ever could in previous conventional ways of meeting people.

#4- Easy access to new acquaintances

Before online dating apps, people would resort to old-fashioned ways of meeting people and starting a relationship’s bar and public parks dictated the terms of how you met someone new.  Now with online dating apps, you can meet your special someone from the comfort of your couch. Just swipe right or click on the heart emoji and you’ve got a match

#3- People have become more open-minded

Because online dating apps sort of break the barrier when it comes to being conservative or reserved, people who use online dating apps tend to be more open-minded. After all, if you are using a dating app or website then your intentions are pretty clear. So therefore people tend to be less conservative and more open-minded when it comes to relationships, sex, and meeting someone new.

#2- Bigger dating bracket

Because apps are generally available to everyone, people who use dating apps are usually exposed to them at a relatively young age. In fact, users on dating apps can download the app and set up a profile as soon as they hit the age of 18. And while they may have been introduced to dating and have some experience with relationships prior, they have not had the availability or wide access to possible partners that they do once they become active on an online dating app. This means that

#1- Everyone is on it

Literally, everyone uses a dating app. As mentioned in the point above, the dating bracket starts from 18 and goes up to the late adult years and even senior years! That’s right, a lot of older people use dating apps. This just goes to show that the fire never dies no matter how old you get!

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