TCB Press Services rate card

All content runs on subdomain, and posts on the Triad City Beat Press Services Facebook page. Headlines will run for a time in a widget in the sidebar at Businesses under contract may be eligible for some TCB Press Services at a discount or for free while they are under contract. All posts may be edited for content and style.

No spam!

No bots!

No fake businesses!

Payment in advance via credit card or bank transfer. Financing available on 12-month contracts.


Press releases
600-word max, one photo per post. Useful for organizations that put out a lot of pressers.

Open rate: 1 post, $100 (12 months $250)

Monthly — 2-4 posts ($175) 5-10 posts ($325)

Three months — 1-4 posts/month ($450 total) 5-10 posts/month ($750 total)

Annual — 1-4 posts/month (12-48 posts/$1500 total) 5-10 posts/month (60-120 posts/$2000 total), unlimited posts ($3000 total)

Guest posts
Guest posts are contributed by agents working for businesses — or, sometimes, the businesses themselves — who research and write pre-approved copy and photos that simply need to be loaded onto the site (edited for content and style), tagged with appropriate key words and settings, and set free onto the internet. 550-word limit, three photos.

Open rate: 50


Monthly — 1-4/month (250/month), 5-10 (125/month)

Annual — 4/year (quarterly) 100 (total), 5-10/year 175 (total), 11-75/year 300 (total)

Sponsored content
Sponsored content is written by Beat Media staff to the sponsor’s specifications, 500-750 words and 3-5 photos, with links to relevant landing pages. Favored by both small and large business owners who want stories about them, written and published by a third party, to share on social media and to boost Google search rankings. Sponsored content stays on the website forever, suitable for sharing and linking.

Open rate: 1 story 950

4 stories/year (quarterly): 2000 (total)

12 stories/year (monthly): 5000 (total)

If you don’t have professional photos we can stage a professional photoshoot for 250. Customer retains rights to the photos.

Brian Clarey has answers to all other questions. Brian (at)