Businesses that have moved online


Before the discovery of the internet, life was good but not as comfortable as we have one. We had to go to a particular place to buy the things that we want and that place could be near our house or miles away from us. The after-service was also a problem. But, the internet has made our life very easy and in fact, it has made possible to find and get anything with a few things by just sitting on your couch at home. Seeing all these, many businesses are moving online as the market seems enticing on online business. Here are some of the prominent businesses that have moved online and got succeed in it.


It is well-known fact that gambling and casinos were thought to be only for rich people who could afford the membership fees of traditional casinos but with the introduction of online casino sites and apps, this industry has witnessed tremendous growth. There are many sites for slots, sports betting, bingo sites, poker sites, and many others dedicated to the special game or covering all the aspect. People who aren’t able to visit a land-based casino or people from places where casinos aren’t available can easily sign up to any reliable casino platform and can earn millions by playing thousands of casino and betting games.

E-commerce businesses

The most profitable and undoubtedly the biggest online is “shopping”. Those were the days when we need to go to shops or malls to buy things. Now, this whole industry has moved online. You can now get a watch to buy a car online. Clothes, shoes, furniture, cosmetics, and whatnot, everything is available online for sale. Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay are some of the biggest online shopping sites. Along with new things you can also get sites where you can find and buy used things just like a flea market. So this is the biggest online business so far.

Entertainment industry

Through entertainment, we are particularly talking about movies and TV shows. The only options to watch movies, TV series, news and sports were TVs, cinemas, or renting DVDs and Blu-Rays. But things have changed lately in the last decade. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, and others are examples of how they are doing big in this business. Seeing all this, Apple and Disney have also launched their own streaming service to provide movies and shows. Some services also offer rental videos. These online streaming services also offer movies and shows that are exclusively for them (no cinema or cable TV).

Blogging and journalism

Blogging can never the place of novels and books but it has given a good opportunity for people to express their views and how they can make money out of it. People are making millions by making their own blogs. You search for anything and you will get the article written on it on multiple websites. The guides, tutorials, expression, views, and many things can be read on blogs.

Newspapers are not only papers now. People prefer e-news rather than purchasing a physical copy of newspapers. Online journalism has opened a place for independent journalists by making their own new site. Prominent newspapers like Daily Mail, The Guardian, The New York Times, and many have moved online. Users can subscribe to their site to read news and articles.


There several businesses such as cryptocurrency, cab service, food service, hotel booking, movie bookings, freelancing, lawyer service, and many more have moved online but the aforementioned are biggest among them all. People are seeing opportunity in moving online. There is no wonder when we shall be able to vote online instead of going to the booth.


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