Seiko 5 SNK803: The Best Military-Style Automatic Watch For The Weekend


If you’re looking for the best weekender watch, stop and get the Seiko 5 SNK803. It’s the best casual automatic watch in the biz right now. The kicker? It won’t cost you thousands of dollars! The Seiko 5 Military is available in black, blue, and green dials with matching straps, but the cream one, featured in here, is arguably the most versatile and good-looking of the bunch.

The Seiko 5 Military is one of those collections that just boggles the mind. It’s budget-priced – just under $70-$80 if you are looking at the right reseller. With a mechanical movement and a finish that rivals more expensive watches, you can never go wrong with this watch. It’s good-looking, made of quality materials, and can last you for years. Let’s get into it.

Seiko 5

Every watch connoisseur knows that the Seiko 5 line from the Seiko Group of Companies is legendary and possibly one of the best budget collections of watches in the world. Outfitted with ease and quality that makes Swiss-made watches blush, the Japanese brand has been in the watchmaking industry since the industry’s early days, with a bevy of the product line that won’t quit.

The Seiko 5 line is a mishmash collection that was originally intended for users that want an automatic watch without spending thousands of dollars on it. The company was in the pursuit of making the best automatic watches in the world, and they did, in their own terms. The Seiko 5 Military line is not the latest though- that’s reserved for the Seiko 5 Sports line.

But what the collection has is classic minimal styling that the Japanese favor, coupled with some interesting style choices in the watches’ dial. What the company managed to do with this line is otherworldly, to say the least, and in this era where automatic watches are shunned upon, the Seiko 5 Military is a shining star that says “Automatic need not to be expensive to be great.”


At a glance, the Seiko 5 SNK803 is an enthusiast’s watch. The cream dial with the Arabian numerals is clean and crisp, with the minute markers laid out in five-minute increments over the hours. It’s the busiest dial Seiko has ever made, and in a 38mm diameter, some will say it’s too much. It’s not, though. Seiko still has managed to keep everything streamlined, the attention to detail second to none.

The crown is positioned at 4, a day-date feature in the standard position, and the proprietary Seiko branding on top with details on the bottom. The watch is outfitted with an in-house movement, the 7S26B with 21 jewels. It’s not a diver’s watch per se, but the watch can withstand 30m of water-depth, a surprisingly great addition to the price that you’re paying.

The lug width, at 18mm, is on the smaller side, and it may be trickier to find straps that will make the watch more good-looking and upscale. The nylon strap isn’t the most beautiful, but it’s good enough for not-so-regular use.


The case is covered with Hardlex, Seiko’s proprietary glass, and sapphire combo. It’s not sapphire crystal, sure, but it does its job of being versatile enough to withstand scratches without reflecting too much when exposed to the sun.

The case back features the movement inside, and while it’s not an engineering marvel to say the most, it’s still a great show of workmanship. It adds up to the watch’s elegance. The case is brushed and polished stainless steel, so you know, it’s a steal in itself.


Finding an outstanding weekend watch can be a roller-coaster ride. There are many things you have to consider: looks, budget, brand, even fit. All of these things converge in the Seiko 5 SNK803, a truly great budget automatic watch that does not scrimp when it comes to specs and presentation. Get yours today!

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