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What is the highest sport in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a sports-loving nation located in South Asia. With a rich landscape and young population, sports are a favorite pastime of the Bangladeshi people.

Although there are many sporting activities in Bangladesh, cricket is the most popular sport in the country. The country is among the best ten countries in the world that plays the sport. Bangladesh has qualified for every Cricket World Cup since 1999.

Bangladesh’s performance at the 2015 Cricket World Cup wowed fans by defeating three of the world’s top teams. The u-19 cricket team then took things further by winning the ICC U-19 World Cup in 2020. The triumph is the highest position in sports Bangladesh since the country’s independence. These victories and the team’s consistency at international tournaments make cricket the most popular sport on Bangladesh’s online betting sites.

All the bettors in the country unanimously declare that cricket is the future of the country. Daily cricket betting in the country is growing exponentially. And people are winning larger and larger amounts of money.

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History of cricket in Bangladesh

Cricket was introduced to the people of Bangladesh by the British in the 18th century. However, the sport didn’t get much traction until the country’s independence in 1971. After independence, a national cricket team was formed, and the country made its debut on the international cricket scene in 1977 against the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

The national team played against Sri Lanka and Deccan Blues later. Bangladesh’s victory in the 1997 ICC Trophy and excellent showing in the 1999 Cricket World Cup set the stage for the creation of the National Cricket League in 1999. The national cricket league was established to enable the country to prepare for full membership of the International Cricket Committee (ICC). This wish was granted in 2000 when the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) became the official governing body of the sport in the country.

In 2001, first-class domestic competitions started in the country. The Green Delta National Cricket League was inaugurated as a first-class championship and the Ispahani Mirzapore Tea One Day League beta as premier Limited over Competitions. Biman Bangladesh Airline won both tournaments. In 2002, Ispahani Mirzapore Ea became the official sponsor of the National Cricket League alongside the One-Day League.

The One-Day League was canceled after the 2011 season. Since then, the major List A Limited Overs tournament is the Dhaka Premier Division that started in 2013. Interest in cricket has continued to grow in Bangladesh, leading to the country co-hosting the 2011 Cricket World Cup with India and Sri Lanka.

Three years later, Bangladeshi citizens welcomed the cricket world to their country as they hosted the 2014 ICC World T20. Bangladesh Cricket League, another first-class tournament, started in 2012 and currently features four teams. The teams are selected based on a zonal basis. The competition aims to give experience to leading players of a higher standard than the National Cricket League and prepare them for Test Cricket.

Cricket Competitions played in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has many cricket tournaments to engage the players and increase the popularity of the sport. The following tournaments are played within the country:

  • The National Cricket League (established in 1999)
  • The One-Day Cricket League of Bangladesh (created in 2000)
  • The Bangladesh Premier League (which started in 2012)
  • The BCB President’s Cup, sponsored by the Bangladeshi Cricket Board (BCB). The tournament features three teams and a T20 competition called the Bangabandhu T20 Cup.

The National Cricket League Twenty20 tournament was scrapped in 2011.

Other sports played in Bangladesh

Although cricket is the highest sport in the country, there are other sports and games in Bangladesh. We shall look at them below:


Ha-du-du is one of the sporting aspects of Bangladesh culture. It is played by people from every region of the country and is one of the most popular village sports in Bangladesh. The country is a regular participant in Asian Games for the sport. However, the sport has declined due to a lack of funds and the growth of other sports. And sports bettors have forgotten about it.


In Bangladesh, soccer comes second to cricket among the citizens. The Bangladesh Football Federation manages the game. However, neglect from the government and other agencies has affected the people’s interest in the sport in recent years.

There are more soccer tournaments organized within and outside Dhaka  capital of the country) than any sport in the country. Soccer fever grips the nation during the period of the FIFA World Cup. And bettors take bets on whether teams win or lose.


Hockey is the third – most popular game in the county behind cricket and soccer. Bangladesh regularly participates in the Asia Hockey Cup and hosted one of the editions in 1995. The sport is managed by the Bangladesh Hockey Federation in the country. Every year, the federation organizes domestic competition within the country. A popular hockey competition in the county is the Premier Division Hockey League.


Golf has seen an increase in popularity in the country. The sport was not popular until Siddikur Rahman won an Asian Toru event at the Brunei Open in 2010. Since then, the sport has received media attention in the country.  Also, many sponsors have given the sport much financial support to ensure it remains popular among the people.


Chess is among the most popular indoor sports in the world and Bangladesh alike. Many talented chess players have come from Bangladesh in recent years. Niaz Murahed was the first South Asian Chess Grandmaster in 1987, and his achievement made the sport popular in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Chess Federation manages the sport in the country. The country is a member of the FIDE (International Chess Federation) and hosts several annual chess tournaments organized by the Federation.


Cricket remains the star Bangladesh 2 in one sport and is the most popular among the country’s citizens and punters. There are other sports such as rugby, basketball, and cycling played in the country. Bangladesh citizens, like most of their counterparts in the world, play lots of sports. If you enjoyed this article, you can read more about Bangladesh’s sports news in English here.

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