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The best retro games in history

Today, we will travel through time and visit the golden era of video games. Some of the titles have remained evergreen and turned into true legends of the gaming industry.

These games not only marked a period, but they are also references even now. Presently, we make time to remember what made them resilient in their evolutionary history.

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Of course, these are just the most highly acclaimed game releases in the chronicles of video games. We travel first with a venture that has won people’s hearts with its gracefulness and simple humor and has lived for hundreds of years. An intrinsically graphic computer game made by LucasArts called The Secret of Monkey Island with the leading person is a swashbuckling Guybrush Threepwood, who is trying to become feared. Ironically, it has nothing to do with the sad one but only about the funny one. Through its smart plot and funny dialogues, the book gets a cult status among others of the adventure genre.

In Super Mario Bros 3, those warm memories of Mario riding in the skies with a raccoon tail surely come to everyone’s mind. By offering the Super Mario Bros. 3, released by Nintendo, the series rose to heights with its well-designed levels and bright graphics. This title not only ventured into a new area in the platforming genre but later inspired many developers.

Pokémon Gold/Silver, a second generation of these pocket monsters, was introduced in the series of gold and silver games to explore the region of Johto and present a new fascinating story. With the addition of new types of Pokémon and game mechanics bringing the franchise to life in a new way, these titles became a fundamental building block of the series.

Resident Evil 2, the terror has reached a new level with this game, completely redefining the survival horror genre. Through its dull atmosphere, impressive characters, and engaging brainteasers, this Capcom title made its way into the legacy and as one of the baseline titles for horror game enthusiasts.

Chrono Trigger, featuring the iconic Akira Toriyama character designs, offers an excellent timeline-spanning story. Hence, it became a classic in the RPG genre. Its groundbreaking combat engine and different endings changed the face of RPGs forever, becoming a reference among the fans.

The hero of time, returns in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, a game that breaks down the adventure style. This game, equipped with a wide and open world and demanding dungeons, set a high benchmark of quality that is still relevant even today.

Super Metroid made the genre of action and exploration stand on its tip-toes with its non-linear design and amazing experience. This Nintendo game has remained the cornerstone of open-world puzzle games, which in turn became the backbone of the Metroidvania genre.

Street Fighter II Turbo. A scene no devoted fighting games lover can forget is Street Fighter II Turbo, a game that transformed the genre using a host of traditional fighters and fast-paced battles. Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 still stands a canon in fighting game tournaments, reflecting its impenetrable influence in the industry.

Playing with both humor and surrealism with Earthbound. Earthbound touchingly became a screen memory for many gamers. The cult RPG series, created by Nintendo, provides a different experience for those who take the risk to enter this unusual world and enjoy it.

Final Fantasy VII is one of the best RPG games known to gamers. Its fantastic story, good characters, and great graphics impress everyone who tries it. It used to be the square that ruled this genre ruthlessly and is a testament to how good stories can be told in video games.

Modern popular culture is largely associated with the name Lara Croft, the character of Tomb Raider (the action-adventure game that dramatically advanced the 3D platform). It was a testament indeed that such gripping climbs and heroines were the makings of when this Core Design title became an icon.

We wrap up the list with Castlevania. Symphony of the Night is the game that reworked the saga’s core with its open-world style and RPG features. Said to be one of the best games of Konami yet, its latter is cited for its gloomy mood and addictive gameplay.

These are just some of the nostalgic games believed to be the cream of that generation. While years may have elapsed, they still leave their mark on the dreams of fresh video game fans.

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