Top Reasons to Live in Calgary

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Calgary is one of Canada’s most well-known cities, yet many don’t realize what a fantastic place it is to live. Although it has a reputation for being a little rough and tumble, this city has a lot of heart and believes in showing how connected and interwoven its communities are.

These are the top reasons to move to this fantastic city!

The World’s Cleanest City

Calgary has been rated the cleanest city by multiple companies and websites, including World Atlas and Clear Water. So if you want to live in a town that understands the need to be clean and connected to the outdoors, this is the place to do it.

Not only is there far less litter and garbage in the streets than in other large cities like Edmonton, but the air quality and water quality are unrivaled.  This ensures that Calgary homes for sale are cleaner than anywhere else.

Fun Cultural Events

Calgary holds its history of cattle ranching and farming close to its heart. That’s why, every year, the Calgary Stampede comes to town, boasting everything from live cattle shows to musicians and other fun entertainment. 

This city works hard to show pride in its cultural roots and support the first nations people who first cultivated this land.  Even though this city works to become the next tech hub, it seriously takes its appreciation for the past.

Balance Between Nature and Work

Calgary locals like to say that this city is neighbors with nature.  From the Bow River to the mountain ranges and plains surrounding it, there’s beauty in every angle of Calgary. 

The summers are mild, meaning you can sneak away from your offices and enjoy the sunshine, and although the winters are wicked from year to year, they’re fantastic when you consider that they’re a lot warmer and less snowy than many other parts of Canada.

Lots of High Paying Jobs

Calgary has the highest concentration of Millionaires in Canada and the highest average yearly salary, worth over CAD 126,000 per year.  This is a lot of money to bring home, especially since some other cities offer almost half of that with employees working full-time.

Of course, not every role in the city makes this much, but if you get a college degree and become good in your field, you’ll be on your way to that income in no time.

Fantastic Vacation Spots Nearby

Although Calgary is great: so are its vacation spots.  One of the best places to go when you want to get away is Banff National Park.

This park has gorgeous views, beautiful waterways, and endless walking trails in the summer, and in the winter is a hot spot for anyone who loves skiing or snowboarding.  Just a couple of hours outside of Calgary, you can sneak away to the mountains for a breath of fresh air when you need a break! 

Calgary is an amazing city that doesn’t take itself too seriously but offers perks for anyone interested.

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