The Secret to Crafting the Perfect Shabby Chic Living Room

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Are you after a unique and one-of-a-kind living room full of comfort, style, and old-world charm? Then shabby chic decor might be just the thing for you. The appeal of this particular design style is that it can turn your living space into an inviting haven, while still offering an interesting visual experience.

Now, if you’re wondering what exactly shabby chic is and how to create the look in your home, then this article is the perfect place to start. Here, we’ll discuss what it takes to craft the perfect shabby chic living room that looks modern yet vintage at the same time. After reading it, you’ll be able to decide what decorative pieces will work best with your space and gain some insight into how to incorporate this timeless style into your home.

Start by Selecting a Wall Color

When you walk into your living room, it should be warm and inviting. To start crafting, begin with a wall color that will bring the look together. Opt for muted pastels to create a peaceful vibe or bolder colors to create a cozy yet lively atmosphere.

Once you have decided on your ideal color, consider what texture and furniture you’d like to add for added depth. Natural textures are suitable for creating a shabby-chic style – think distressed woods, wicker baskets, woven rugs and linens – but don’t be afraid to mix in some metals and glass touches here and there as well. The juxtaposition of natural elements with metallic items adds a beautiful contrast that’s easy on the eyes.

Add Boho Decor for a Relaxed Look

Creating the perfect shabby chic living room comes with its challenges. But if you’re looking for an easy way to make it happen, consider adding some boho decor.

Boho decor is all about laid-back, rustic charm—think layered throws, macrame wall hangings and plenty of plants. Together, these pieces add texture and depth to create a relaxed living space.

You don’t need to splurge on expensive items; in fact, it’s often best to go with used or vintage pieces that already have a worn look. That way, you can mix and match items to give your living room a unique style. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Hang up some vintage tapestries or dreamcatchers.
  2. Arrange stacks of recycled books on an end table.
  3. Place mismatched china plates on the wall as decorations.
  4. Utilize a ladder as an unexpected shelf for plants and photos.
  5. Use rattan baskets for extra storage solutions.

Combining these fun boho elements with your existing furniture gives you the perfect mix of

luxury and comfort in your boho chic living room aesthetic!

Incorporate House Plants for a Natural Touch

Adding house plants is a great way to make your living room shabby chic. House plants bring a beautiful and natural touch to any space, and something about them feels calming and refreshing. Plus, you can get creative with the type of plant you choose. For instance, if you want something more delicate, try a fern or an air plant; if you want something more vibrant and colorful, go for a succulent or a type of flower.

And remember the planter! Contrasting the pot’s size and shape with your plant’s size and shape makes it look even better—especially when the pot is made out of ceramic or terra cotta. Mix and match different sizes, shapes and materials to create an interesting arrangement that looks like it was collected over time.

You can also hang pots from the ceiling or mount them on shelves or walls for a unique touch—plus it gives your plants more room to grow too!

  1. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
  2. Place multiple smaller plants around larger ones for an eclectic look.
  3. Put bright green plants in dark planters to add contrast.
  4. Hang some smaller pots from macramé hangers.
  5. Place small plants on trays or saucers for a layered effect.

Find Vintage or Shabby Chic Items to Complete the Look

Now comes the fun part: finding vintage or shabby chic items to complete your look. There are lots of ways to hunt for shabby chic furniture and accessories, from checking out local thrift stores to browsing through antique shops. You can also find great options on Etsy, eBay, and other online sources.

For the best results, it’s better to focus on finding pieces with a certain age and character—something you can turn into a focal point in your living room. You might want to look for pieces with distressed wood finishes or a chipped paint job, and you should also consider the item’s shape. Here are some ideas:

  1. Worn wooden furniture with unique carvings
  2. Vintage chandeliers or lampshades
  3. Antique-style clocks or mirrors
  4. Hanging signs or wall decorations with French country charm

The elements above will help you create a real shabby chic style in your living room, making it instantly more inviting and cozy. The key here is having patience and taking the time to find those special vintage items that add character to the room.


You don’t need to be an interior designer to achieve your dream shabby chic living room. With just a few simple touches, you can achieve that rustic, vintage look. Start by thoughtfully choosing furniture, artwork, and decorative pieces that reflect your personality. Try to mix old and new, and think about the color palette and fabrics you’ll use.

Finally, don’t be afraid to blow the dust off a few treasures from your past, too. Vintage items not only give your room character and charm, but they will also become conversation pieces that you’ll love displaying for years to come. With these tips and tricks, you can create a unique and inviting place that has your own signature style.

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