When you think of the word “platinum”, what first comes to mind? For normal people it might be a platinum record album that they love, or describing a color similar to gray or silver. But for stoners, our minds take it all the way left and we instantly think of all the indica-dominant platinum weed strains our hearts long for! Platinum strains are also referred to as looking “frosty” which most cannabis users can predict it to be some dank bud. While its color and appearance is how it is classified as platinum, there is more to platinum weed strains than being just shiny and sparkly. Most cannabis users are very aware of platinum weed strains but did you know how many there actually are? Too many to count, in fact, but nonetheless each is a special variation of its own and gives a phenomenal high. Here are the most popular platinum weed strain reviews that you’ll be asking about the next time you hit your local dispensary!

Platinum OG

First up is the OG of platinum weed strains, Platinum OG. Its name needs no explanation but there is so much to talk about! Its parents are Master Kush and OG Kush, bringing out that shimmering silver-colored coating that classifies this strain as platinum. Underneath the shine is a lime green color and you can spot orange hairs throughout. Normally an average THC content of 17-24%, this indica-dominant strain will have you sunken into your couch not worried about a thing.

Many users describe this strain as a one and done type of strain, so new users should be aware of how heavy Platinum OG will hit you. With both a spicy and sweet taste and aroma, this is an excellent strain to wind down to after a long day.

Platinum Kush

Platinum Kush is similar to its half sibling, Platinum OG, through their mutual parent OG Kush. Oftentimes, Platinum Kush and Platinum OG are considered one in the same, but there are differences depending on the specific strain at hand. Platinum Kush is normally mixed with an Afghani strain, which produces its purple color underneath all the sparkle. Of course there are bright orange hairs in the mix that really pull through in providing a beautiful color scheme. This train is more on the sweet side, with a fruity aroma that will inspire your creative side to make an appearance. The THC content falls between 16-18% on average but don’t be fooled because this is still an indica strain and you will become sleepy. Although many reviewers mention cerebral activity heightened and wanting to unleash creativity, most smoke Platinum Kush to prep for an exciting date with their pillow and KTFO.

Platinum Master Kush

A mix of SoCal Master Kush and Afhgani weed strains, Platinum Master Kush is a dense and thick strain that you are sure to remember. Similar to a Chrimstas tree, the bouncy buds of this weed strain are mesmerizing with how colorful it is underneath all of the frost. Falling around 20% in THC content, Platinum Master Kush can keep you busy and give you half a second wind before hitting a heavy comedown and needing to go to bed. If you’re spotting a theme in platinum strains, you are correct! Platinum strains almost always follow with sleeping of some sort.

Platinum Jack

There are certain platinum strains that are indeed sativa-dominant strains, such as Platinum Jack. The same frosty exterior with light green leaves and thick orange pistils you can almost taste. With an earthy yet fruity aroma, many say Platinum Jack is an excellent mood-boosting strain and promotes physical movement to keep you up and about! Its parents are Jack Herer and Haze, so you are in for a ride with how long this high can last you. Pro tip: this is an excellent wake and bake strain to get your day started right!

Platinum Cookies

The colors on platinum weed strains are just immaculate, don’t you think? Platinum Cookies, or Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is another one of a kind type of marijuana strain that will have you completely baked and ready for bed. A mix of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and another strain that is unknown – Platinum Cookies is an award-winning strain for many reasons. With the right hint of spice throughout its fruity aroma, this is an excellent strain for anti-inflammatory and pain relieving purposes. This specific platinum strain has a heavy coat of trichomes to make it extra frosty and deliver that sparkle.

Platinum Bubba Kush

Looking for an extra heavy high? The Platinum Bubba Kush has you covered. This strain is not for novice users so please use with caution! A heavy indica-dominant strain, its parents are Platinum OG Kush and Bubba Kush so this is next-level business. Reviews say this gives a strong high but also helps with many pain-related symptoms along with increasing appetite. So if you have been feeling sick and also need to jumpstart the munchies to get some food in you, this strain comes highly recommended for those needing that extra level of high to function.

Platinum weed strains are not only beautiful to look at, but are often very potent since it is a mix of at least two weed strains that are already strong on its own. While it is not recommended for new cannabis users to try these strains because of its potency, it is suggested to try platinum strains in doses to see what mix works for you. Platinum strains are normally top-shelf weed strains because of its ability to get you higher than the sky, so know that you get what you pay for! Bundle up your expensive platinum weed with cheap glass bongs online and you have the ultimate stoner setup!


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