In 2018, Nicholas Murphy’s dreams got shot down in Raleigh when a bullet meant to kill him left him temporarily paralyzed instead. Now OMGitsBeezy is back on his feet, and back in North Carolina with some old friends, new material and a tale to tell. 

With the icons+giants powerhouse team behind the project, OMGitsBeezy’s newest track, “Repentance,” transmogrifies his own narrative beyond just beats and rhymes, just as it transcends the concept of the “music video”  “Repentance” debuts everywhere March 11 with an exclusive event in North Carolina gathering local talent and industry insiders for a meet and greet, a Q&A with Benton James and a screening of the latest project. 

MARCH 11: Legion of Muzik, Raleigh, 4:30-6:30 PM hosted by Miriam from Carolina Waves 

icons+giants are an exclusive joint venture partnership with ADA Worldwide, the independent label and artist services arm of Warner Music Group. Founded by Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and artist manager, Billy Mann, along with A&R executive and artist manager, Benton James, the enterprise will combine their savvy digital marketing and proven A&R track record with ADA’s continually widening global influence, resources and connected artist services. 

Billy Mann’s catalog includes songwriting credits with Carole King, Burt Bacharach, the Backstreet Boys, Hall & Oates, John Legend and dozens of other hitmakers and Grammy winners, as well as a longstanding collaboration with Pink. His work spans the recording industry, live events, television, and technology, all driven by a keen eye for talent. 

Benton James began his music career in North Carolina as the driving force behind the Urban Sophisticates, a regional nightclub staple in the days before Facebook and Spotify that melded elements of hip hop, gospel and rock with a live band, backup singers and a horn section. Behind the scenes, his commercial credits include Drake, Lil Uzi, and Kelly Rowland. With Mann, James launched Proof of Concept in 2021, focused on talent development and media services. The “Repentance” event coincides with a re-release of the Urban Sophisticates’ recorded material. 

OMGitsBeezy “Repentance” available on all streaming platforms 3.11.2022. For more information please contact:  [email protected] 

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