America’s love for CBD – Is it legit?

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There was a time when marijuana was considered as the worst villain for Americans – that who must not be named. But yesterday’s villain is becoming today’s hero in the form of CBD. That who wasn’t supposed to be named is now legalized in many states for medical purposes.

Its component, THC that causes high, is still under the black shadow, but its other component CBD has become the new love for Americans, and it is widely available in the form of gummies, tinctures, oils, chocolates, cosmetic products, and tablets.

But one needs to know how history took such a dramatic turn that a villain has now become a hero, and everyone wants to have a hand on it? And those who are not yet into CBD consumption, they at least want to know what this new treat is and why people are going gaga over it.

It’s a huge debate that is complicated and has so many legal and social fringes. But it is equally important to dig out what lies behind this storming mystery that we know by the name of CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD – or cannabidiol – is a component that is derived from the marijuana plant. But unlike THC, its counter-friend in marijuana, it doesn’t cause high feelings. In other words, it’s not psychoactive. You can find it everywhere now. Like, seriously everywhere. From your next-door grocery store, over the lane medical store, bars, cosmetic store, online shops – it is available everywhere in different forms and types.

But is it getting popular just because it doesn’t cause high? Or is it that those who wanted to consume marijuana have found a legalized replacement to satisfy themselves by saying: “Okay, honey, I am taking in marijuana in some form, and nobody can stop me because now it’s legal.” Or is there really something underneath this buzz that is making Americans so in love with it?

What do its Proponents say About it?

You can find out Reddit threads about CBD, and what you will read there might make your jaw drop. People are raving about it: How it has changed their life? How it has become the ultimate panacea for their various health issues. If you hear from someone that CBD may help people to fall asleep, don’t consider him out of mind because that’s just a small part of what people claim about CBD.

People also claim that CBD has helped them deal with chronic pains, anxiety disorders, acne issues, neurological disorders, substance abuse, and some heart-related issues.

Yes, people associate all these benefits with CBD, and it is not just saying of one or two people. The whole nation seems to agree with this because the numbers of online and offline CBD stores are increasing every day and the numbers of its proponents are also increasing.

But here is a question: Is its health benefits clinically approved?

The answer is: Yes and no.

Some of its benefits have been clinically proven, but it has still not undergone so many clinical trials that can give us a clear answer: Is it legit or not?

But two things we know for sure. One thing is that its lovers are increasing every day. Second, doctors are also recommending it for various medical conditions.

So unless we get some more proof through clinical trials to see if this hype is legit or not, let’s wait and watch how far this love can go.

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