3 Self-Defense Hobbies to Consider Trying in 2021

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Learning self-defense is one of the most empowering and exciting hobbies you can try. This is because they can help you feel more confident in your own abilities, massively improve your hand-eye coordination and overall fitness, as well as give you a chance to let off steam.

Indeed, self-defense, by its very definition, is not learning how to hurt anybody but how to defend yourself if you were unfortunate enough to be put in a combat situation. This can massively boost your self-confidence because you will not feel as intimidated or shy around other people, especially if you find yourself in a potentially vulnerable situation.

Furthermore, self-defense can teach you hugely valuable life skills, such as the importance of self-control and discipline, a healthy diet, and consistent training. As you improve in your abilities, it will help motivate other areas of your life as you begin to get accustomed to continual achievement.

Here are three self-defense hobbies to consider trying in 2021:

You could try practicing at a firing range

One of the most adventurous self-defense-related hobbies you could get involved in is trying your hand at a firing range. While you are not boosting your fitness necessarily, you will certainly get your heart pumping. Firing ranges are hugely popular, with both gun enthusiasts and curious amateurs honing their hand-eye coordination and accuracy on challenging ranges.

It also gives you the chance to learn more about firearms in a safe environment, both respecting the dangers and understanding how they can be used recreationally in a controlled environment. 

Of course, the time might one day come when you apply for a license and own your own firearm. In this scenario, firing ranges can become more rewarding as you start to upgrade your firearm, such as with an 80 lower receiver

Martial arts can be incredibly rewarding

Arguably the top self-defense hobby to try is a form of martial art. There are countless different varieties to choose from, each focusing on a different approach, so it is down to individual taste (and which classes are available near you) as to which form you choose.

Regardless of which martial art you opt for, the rewards are always the same. When you develop your abilities as a martial artist, you will almost certainly transform your fitness level, self-discipline, self-control, and inner confidence, not to mention your ability to defend yourself without needing to be outright aggressive.

Boxing is brilliant for fitness

Alternatively, you could try to take up boxing. While it is technically a combat sport rather than outright self-defense, it still offers you largely the same rewards. 

You will massively increase your overall fitness level, be able to learn about hand-to-hand combat in a controlled environment, and boost your ability to focus intensely.


As with any new hobby, it is best to dip your toe in the water with a self-defense hobby rather than jump in straight over your head.

Try out different forms of self-defense in order to find out which one is best for you, and always make sure that you remain careful with a potentially risky pastime.

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