2021 Video Marketing Trends: Insights from Social Media Experts

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Humans have a very active visual cortex, meaning they can effectively visualize pictures and movies. In other words, information is learned better and retained for longer if it is delivered using videos.

This has led to a trend that companies have recognized, in which they’ve begun to put more emphasis on video in their marketing efforts. To ensure the continuation of their business, companies were forced to work remotely in 2021 because of the pandemic.

With the abrupt, dramatic shift to the digital world, video as a promotional tool exploded in popularity. According to current predictions, about 82% of all internet traffic is predicted to come from video and downloadable content by 2022.

The major advantages of using video marketing are that businesses and organizations that do so have an advantage over their competitors. In this post, we’ll give you a better idea of the current video marketing trends that will assist us in determining how to get the most out of it.

7 Video Marketing Trends in 2021

 1. Shopping Videos with a Real-time POV

Millennials are quite susceptible to the fear of missing out, and this facilitates real-time purchasing for them (FOMO). The capacity to offer shoppable video content on social media sites, such as Instagram and Facebook, is restricted to producers only.

Our predictions are that as more and more companies enter this space, this will grow, and non-internet sellers of physical goods will be granted the opportunity to do so as well. These kinds of videos may be particularly beneficial for brands whose target market is made up of younger people.

2. Embedded Videos on Landing Pages

Video has a significant benefit on your landing page: It serves as a great way to establish the overall mood and purpose of the webpage. You’ll find the audience more receptive to your message through this technique, and the message itself will be more intelligible.

E-commerce fans will probably have created films for the goods they sell. For example, clips that show ‘how to use steps’ of an item before a purchase can help shoppers determine if the item will be worth their money. This will help people better predict how much work will be required, resulting in less negative evaluations and expectations.

3. Live Videos are gaining popularity

The typical individual will spend over 16 hours per day watching videos by 2021, in various formats. As a result, a never-ending supply of new material has emerged. To reach out to prospective consumers in such a scenario, use live videos.

This causes FOMO since live videos are only accessible for 24 hours. When it comes to live content, Facebook users spend three times as much time viewing it as they do previously uploaded videos.

People watch videos because they want to know the information included in them. A responsive audience makes it simpler for a business to extend its reach. Live videos are a very recent feature on most social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

4. Cross Promotion of products using videos

Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram may end up with a large influx of material, and this could prevent them from generating traffic beyond a point. The more videos you make, the greater your investment in producing and uploading them will be.

As you work to optimize your effort’s benefits, marketing your content across various digital channels can help you reach your goals.

The short film that you produce using a video maker may be used on the brand’s website, as well as on YouTube. A good-quality transcription of the video and other information may be created and published to help generate more visitors.

By chopping video material from a video that already has a presence on a social media website, you may separate visuals, memes, and other short-form content into several social media profiles.

5. Building personal relationships using videos

Many people now believe that it is more important to forge personal connections, and businesses that connect with individuals on an emotional level have an advantage over their competitors.

The video message you deliver to your consumers may contain animated media. Additionally, video GIFs assist in keeping conversations lively on social media posts and videos.

If you do things this way, you will have a greater degree of user involvement and foster relationship development. What’s even more interesting is the fact that simply including the word ‘video’ in the subject line can improve the mail’s CTR by 300%.

6. Slo-mo videos are becoming popular on social media

According to recent video marketing data, the videos which get the highest levels of engagement on Instagram are the ones that use original, compelling footage. Attractive animations that take seconds to produce may grab the viewer’s attention.

When you have a brand, you may use that time to consider topics that relate to your product or company. Doing so will allow you to focus on animating them in slow motion, which is an excellent way to get the audience’s attention.

7. Product testimonial videos

It has been observed that video consumption on mobile devices has been increasing over time, but the latest rise is noticed among users who are 45 years and older. Inform yourself about the age demographic that is most inclined to make decisions based on word-of-mouth.

Encouraging happy clients to provide you video testimonials of their experience can get your attention when trying to engage with consumers who are on the fence.

Someone who has been in the same shoes as the client is more likely to understand how to connect with them. Since such films are honest and raw, a little editing is required, and even if you don’t have any previous video editing experience, you may still produce video material.


So, by definition, businesses that have put in the work stand to benefit from long-term video marketing success. From the tips you’ve read here, you can now focus your efforts and help to fuel your brand’s success.

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