With Menthol Bans Piling Up, Vaping a More Popular Alternative Than Ever

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The subject of menthol cigarettes is a contentious one among government regulators. On one hand, adults are understandably displeased about the prospect of losing what they see as their right to buy the products they want. On the other hand, though, studies consistently show that menthol cigarettes are some of the most addictive tobacco products on the market. Menthol appears to reinforce nicotine addiction. Menthol smokers tend to smoke their first cigarettes earlier in the day. People who prefer menthol cigarettes are also less likely to quit and more likely to relapse after quitting. With those facts in mind, many federal and local governments around the world have elected to ban menthol cigarettes in an attempt to improve public health outcomes.

Here’s the good news. In many of the places where menthol cigarettes are banned, menthol e-liquids from companies like V2 Cigs UK remain available. Many governments have wisely allowed that exception to encourage menthol smokers to switch to vaping as a potentially less risky alternative.

Menthol cigarette bans around the world are only picking up steam. They have widespread public support, and even the U.S. federal government seems likely to ban menthol cigarettes in the near future. As has happened in the U.K., it is probable that the FDA will exempt e-cigarettes from a menthol ban – and that means, regardless of where you live, there has never been a better time than right now to switch to vaping if you’re a menthol cigarette smoker.

So, why is vaping such an attractive alternative if you smoke menthol cigarettes? It’s not just because vaping appears to be less harmful, and it’s not just because most menthol bans don’t apply to e-liquid. In fact, there are other reasons why vaping will prove uniquely appealing to you as a menthol cigarette smoker.

This is the perfect time for you to switch to vaping. Here’s why.

Vaping Disassociates Menthol From Smoke

If you’re a menthol smoker, it’s likely that you prefer menthol cigarettes for two reasons. The first reason is that you simply like the cool sensation in your throat and lungs; you find it pleasurable and refreshing. The second reason is because the menthol soothes the irritation caused by the smoke. That’s why menthol cigarettes are more likely to addict people – it makes the smoke easier to tolerate.

When you switch to vaping, you can enjoy the rush of menthol – and get your nicotine – without the harshness of the smoke getting in the way. From a flavor standpoint, it isn’t likely that you’re a menthol smoker because you enjoy the interaction between the menthol and the smoke. It’s more likely that you’re a menthol smoker because the menthol disguises the smoke’s harshness.

One of the greatest things about switching to vaping if you’re a menthol smoker is the fact that you get more of what you like – the coolness of the menthol – with none of the harshness that comes with smoking. You get only what you want: the menthol and the nicotine.

In addition, menthol e-liquids often contain far more menthol than cigarettes – so not only are you getting the menthol without the harshness, but you’re also getting a chilly rush that’s even more intense than what a menthol cigarette can deliver.

E-Liquid Delivers Flavor Combinations That Aren’t Possible With Cigarettes

Even if the e-liquid that you choose is simply a plain menthol vape juice with no other flavors, you’re going to find that vaping tastes infinitely better than smoking. With e-liquid, though, you can experience flavor combinations that aren’t possible with tobacco products at all. Flavored cigarettes are illegal almost everywhere, but in most cases, those flavor bans don’t apply to vape juice.

If you’re a menthol fan, you are going to love what the e-liquid makers of the world have done with menthol vape juice. The flavoring agents that e-liquid companies use are the same as those used for food, which means that it’s possible to add menthol to essentially any flavor combination that you can imagine.

Here are just a few of the flavor profiles that you’ll find when you begin to explore menthol vape juice.

  • Combining menthol with a fresh fruit flavor creates a flavor profile that tastes like a frozen fruit slush or smoothie.
  • Combining menthol with a beverage flavor like soda or lemonade creates a flavor profile that tastes like a beverage served over ice.
  • Combining menthol with a dairy flavor creates a flavor profile that tastes like ice cream or a milkshake.

If you try any of these menthol flavor profiles, you should definitely try a fruit-and-menthol e-liquid. Flavor combinations featuring fruit notes and menthol are incredibly popular throughout the vaping community – even among people who don’t normally prefer menthol. It’s a flavor combination that you could never experience with a cigarette, and you’re likely to love it.

Vaping Allows You to Break Menthol’s Addiction Reinforcement at Your Own Pace

One of the reasons why governments around the world are banning menthol cigarettes is that, over and over again, it’s been proven that people addicted to menthol cigarettes have a harder time quitting. If you switch to vaping, though, you can do something that’s impossible with cigarettes: You can quit at your own pace.

One of the greatest things about e-liquid is the fact that it’s available in many different nicotine concentrations. You can buy an e-liquid with a nicotine strength as high as 50 mg/ml or as low as 3 mg/ml – and there’s a wide range of strengths in between. So, if you think it’s impossible to reduce your dependence on nicotine, think again because vaping can make it possible.

When you switch to vaping, it’s easy to reduce your nicotine consumption just by periodically changing from your current nicotine strength to a lower strength. After giving your body plenty of time to adjust, you can switch to a lower strength again. Over time, you’ll find that your need for nicotine is greatly lessened. If you want to, you can even reduce your nicotine consumption so much that you eventually start using nicotine-free e-liquid. At that point, you may decide that you no longer need to vape at all.

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