Why is Postcard Marketing Relevant for your Business?


As much as online marketing excites us, there is an insanely productive space for businesses to grow outside of the digital domain. While you can always resort to banners, leaflets, and brochures for promoting your product across physical and offline channels, nothing works better than a postcard when it comes to building brand awareness and identity.

Is Postcard marketing valid for your business?

Regardless of the business domain, postcard marketing has its set of uses with profitability and traction being some of the major takeaways. Custom postcards printing, if approached proactively, can help companies and local businesses project their offerings in the best possible manner. Moreover, sending out a postcard is probably the most personalized form of marketing, as identified by 57 percent of individuals associated with an independent survey. 

Nonetheless, even in the post-covid19 world, marketing via direct mails, preferably postcards, are extremely resourceful marketing tools, resulting in an exceptional boost in brand interactions, recalls, and sales.

Why Postcards over other Direct Mails?

Postcards can be designed with conciseness in mind. Moreover, they can even be sent across soft copies as emailers, immediately after a prospective customer abandons the cart after adding a product to the list. Besides, postcard layouts are completely aesthetic and often perfect if you are seeking market segmentation.

In addition to the mentioned attributes, here are some of the other aspects that qualify postcard marketing as one of the best resources for your business, regardless of the nature of the venture

  1. Periodic Follow-Ups

As a business, you can use custom postcards effectively for following up customer interactions, periodically. Better termed recurring postcards, these items ensure that the audience base never misses reminders, as and when a new offer or event is round the corner.

  1.  Added Nudge

Customers often require added impetus or motivation to conclude a purchase. More often than not, individuals abandon the cart right before making the purchase, owing to higher costs or added shipping charges. Businesses can take care of this issue by sending over follow-up or personalized deals to sweeten the pot further for the customers. However, the timeliness of the postcard delivery is what matters if the same is being used to offer an added nudge. 

  1. Audience Connect

Every postcard you send across should not aim at generating sales. Companies can send across random cards to website visitors or the newsletter opt-ins to offer them a piece of informative content. Explaining the product with snaps and concise content is possible with brand-centric postcards. 

How to go about Postcard Marketing?

If you want to make the most of postcard marketing, you must rely on actionable data, more than anything else. Once you have the relevant data at your disposal via CRM or data analytics tools, you must start by pitching the postcards to the most loyal clientele. Besides, to make the most of the postcards, you must be extremely specific and should not beat around the bush.

Last but not least, it is necessary to make the entities measurable and traceable by pairing promo codes or an optional or personalized offer with every postcard. Postcard marketing, therefore, is an excellent option to promote your business across diverse channels, with the potential matched only by the projecting and designing skills of your team. 


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