Vaping Versus Smoking: Why Choose Vaporisers For Dry Herbs And Concentrates

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Unsure of which medium to choose for your dry herbs and concentrates? We’ve collated verified scientific facts about why vaporizers come highly recommended in comparison to smoking. Getfurna for vapors and read on below. 

The Pros Of Vaping 

There’s so much more to the differences between vaping and smoking, besides the medium used for each one. Many new-vapers and current-smokers believe that both are essentially the same thing. But nothing can be further from the… vape-truth. 

1. Vaping Is Healthier Than Smoking 

Smoking cannabis requires “burning” the product. “Burning” or combustion causes weed (and other organic and inorganic items, for that matter) 

The first is that the process behind vaporization is healthier due to the absence of combustion. When marijuana is burned, its trichomes release the cannabis resin. The latter is basically utilized for the production of cannabis-related goods, from oils, concentrates, waxes, and more. 

This is what allows those who smoke it inhale that aromatic scent and get that feel-good high. The drawback is that because these greens are burned, they produce toxins that merge with other chemicals, which includes cancer-causing compounds. 

Something you can do away with by choosing vaping. 

2. Flavour Preservation 

There are dry herb fans who say that they prefer “smoking” weed because of that “burnt” aroma they get, along with the weed’s own trichomes (responsible for its overall aroma). However, burning marijuana actually reduces its natural aroma. 

In contrast, vaping dry herbs will give you a pure draft. The mechanism of a vaporizer does not induce the formation of such foreign odours in marijuana vapours. This translates to vapes providing users with better flavour-preservation.

3. Purer Draft 

Flavour-preservation in cannabis is potency-preservation as well. These two are closely linked together. Smoking herbs will still give you a bit of a high. The more you smoke, and the fresher the herb, the more intense its effects. 

But comparing that to vaping, where contaminants and similar detritus and impurities can lower the dry herb’s effectuation, you get cleaner drafts with cannabis vapour. 

4. Vapour Amount Control 

What’s impressive about dry herb and concentrate vaporizers is that they’re a technological innovation in all things cannabis. Not every vape has an LED screen. Nonetheless, all of them offer users the option to have control over how much vapour to release, and therefore, breathe in. 

Aside from vapour, the heating chamber’s temperature can be regulated, too. An incredible advantage because then, you can adjust the settings according to how intense or unintense of a draft you prefer for every vape session. 

5. Hassle-Free And Quick Operation  

There’s no need to set-up a vape. With a push of the “on” button, you can use it any time, anywhere (as cliche as this may sound). Just be sure to warm it up by initially setting your preferred temperature, before taking a draft. 

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