Top 10 Luxury Resorts Australia


Australia has some of the most popular places in the world. Therefore, it’s important that you know why – from the outback’s most popular outdoor forestry, to the dessert, all the way to the coastal reefs, there’s one thing that stands out – Australia has some of the best wildlife in the entire world, even when it comes to just the scenery. We’ve compromised a Luxury Lodges of Australia top 10 luxury resorts so you could get the most out of your experience.

1. Blue Mountains Lodge of Luxury

This is one of the most popular places not far from Sydney (only 2.5 hrs), and it is set in literally a 7,000-acre wildlife protection area. It takes the cake in terms of luxury by giving you a good combination of wildlife and landscapes that only Blue Mountains has to offer.

2. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a very secluded island that is just off the coast of the mainland area of northern Australia. While it suffered some serious damage during the wildfires in 2020, there is still a large part of the third largest island untainted.

3. Ayer’s Rock

Ayer’s rock is a very sacred place that the aboriginal people of the land call a mysterious creation. People used to climb it, but the local natives have now forbidden it. The sunset is still unbelievable.

4. Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo is a very special reef in the state of WA and it is on the northern coast. You can have a truly aquatic experience there that is unmatched by any other area of the world there.

5. The Daintree

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the rainforest, this is the place to be. You can literally see the forest all the way down to the edge of the ocean and the sea. It is also home of some of the most unique wildlife that can only be found there.

6. Kakadu

The top end has been around for centuries, and is home of some of the most popular floodplains in the continent.

7. Queensland High Country

This area of the world is the true beauty of national park that has lodges available to provide luxury and tranquility in the mountains.

8. Margaret River

You can stay at the EL Questro Homestead and see the amazing landscape of the river below in this amazing clifftop location at the most famous and serene rivers in all of Australia.

9. Barossa Valley

Whether you want to spend your time at the luxurious “The Louise” or Arkaba resort, this area is one of the most beautiful areas complete with wining and dining experiences.

10. Flinders Ranges

This is one of the most beautiful outdoor experiences you can have in the heart of Australia, just 4.5 hours (driving) from Adelaide or even Kangaroo Island. And you can stay at once of the luxurious South Australia resorts we’ve mentioned, or even try the Southern Ocean Lodge.


There are many destinations that make Australia and their resorts completely unique. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced high-class vacation package, you can’t go wrong with the luxury lodges available in Australia’s most beautiful locations.

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