Relocating with a rental truck; what you must know


Rental trucks have become a popular choice nowadays. More and more people choose rental trucks to save cost while moving house. Sadly, not many of them are fully aware of the basics of Renting a truck and end up in troubles that cost them big times.

The best local moving companies in the network of iMoving state that when you do not know how to rent the right rental truck, you miss out on its many benefits. A rental truck can save you a significant amount of money as well as make a stressful move easy.

If you are planning a relocation, here is an ultimate guide to make it successful with a rental truck:

What is a rental truck?
Rental trucks, as the name suggests is a service in which the moving company offers you a truck on rental basis which you have to load and drive yourself. Depending upon the contract, you will have to bear the fuel cost.

The alternatives to a rental truck are freight trailers and portable containers. However, rental trucks are still the customer’s most preferred option. When you plan and move with a rental truck, you can preserve your sanity as you do not have to operate under the instruction of anyone.

What is the cost of hiring a rental truck?
The cost of hiring a rental truck depends upon a range of factors as well as the contractor you finalize. Usually, the cost of fuel, mileage fees, insurance ads on with the basic rent of the truck and makes a significant amount. This IS THE Calculation of rent for small distance moves.

If you are planning to rent a truck for a long distance or one way move, the cost of renting a truck will be different. It is usually a fixed rental which covers the mileage allowance as well as the rental for a fixed number of days. If you need additional mileage or a few extra days of rental, you will have to pay separately.

How does a rental truck work?
The customer can rent a truck for any set time period, as considered optimum by them for a particular move. It is important that you keep a 2-3 days buffer period while hiring a rental truck. When you hire a rental truck, you do not pay for anything extra. If you need extra help, it is recommended that you pay for it separately.

How to compare truck Rental Company?
It is very important that you find the best truck rental company as you plan to relocate with a rental truck. There are several rental truck companies in the market and choosing the one that is best for you can be intimidating. Here are a few points to consider when you decide which company is the best to do business with:

Check the company’s website:
In today’s digitally advanced world, the website is the face of a company. Make sure you check the company’s website before you do business with them. The website must have crucial details about the business including the company’s address, licensing details. Its registration number and services.

Read reviews:
Never ever underestimate the user reviews about a truck rental company. The user’s reviews offer you an inside picture of how the company has catered to the requirements of its customers in the past. Whether the customer’s had a good experience or bad is how you decide the efficacy of the company’s services.

Compare the price:
Ask for a rental quote from more than 3 companies and compare the price. Depending upon the services included and price quote, choose a company that best caters to your requirements.

If you are relocating to a distant location, you must check for flexible return terms with the company. A company that does not allow you to drop the truck at a nearby station is not recommended for long distance moves as driving the truck back to the start point of the journey is not at all a feasible choice.

Truck rental companies offer flexible drop terms and have drop stations at various locations to ensure you can easily drop the truck at the nearest location after the move is complete.

Rental trucks are being preferred a lot as they allow you to independently plan a move. However, hiring a full service moving company has its own advantages. Whichever way you prefer for a safe and successful move, you must always know what to include and what not to include in your moving inventory. Pack safely, hire the best moving truck and reach your destination having great fun and no damages. Use this guide and choose the best truck for your next move.


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