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Mastering Remote Learning: Top 5 Strategies for College Students in the Digital Classroom


Remote learning is not always easy as people simply think about having a flexible schedule and even more free time. In reality, however, you seem to get even more assignments and different work to do as you have to learn various learning management platforms and seek information on your own. While we all have faced the challenges to succeed in the digital classroom, not many had the time to explore the strategies that will work the best way. If you are a virtual student looking for help, you are in the right place because these five solutions will help you sit back and explore how to save time and eliminate extreme levels of stress as you learn.

Top 5 Strategies for College Students in the Digital Classroom

1. Create a Clear Academic Schedule.

The best strategy for students who learn virtually is to make a list of deadlines and a schedule where you divide tasks based on priorities. Of course, if something does not work well and you feel stuck, consider ukwritings.com as a way to discuss things online with an expert. Sometimes you have to overcome writer’s block or have someone edit your essay to learn how to manage your time!

2. Create a Space Safe from Distractions.

Do not forget to create a special space where you can learn in a quiet way. If you are not able to avoid the noise, think about visiting special cafes meant for students or campus locations where you can sit and write. When you are feeling calm and do not have to suffer through TV in the next room or someone playing video games, you can learn anywhere!

3. Master Your LMS.

If you are dealing with Google Classroom, Blackboard, or Socrative, you have to know how it works and see all the features that can help you store, check, edit, and share your school assignments. Become a power user, read community forums, ask questions, and you will decrease the chaos in your academic life! When you know how to upload a file faster and ensure that you have track of all the work being done, you won’t feel that stressed!

4. Participate in Social Campaigns.

The worst part of remote learning is the lack of socialization. It easily turns learning into a routine job because you have to keep yourself limited to a laptop screen or your phone. As a way to keep things interesting, participate in various social campaigns, blogging, consider video streams, and more. Just keep learning social and talk to people by keeping things interactive and inspiring! It will help you to deliver your message and think over your objectives. When you get creative, you will feel much better and actually have more time!

5. Learn to Take Notes and Track Lessons.

You can use a voice recorder app, a simple notepad with a pen, or something like a Dragon Dictation app to capture your thoughts and track down the lessons. When you have missed something during a virtual conference, you may see this to discover various gadgets that can help you capture the lessons differently and track screenshots when it is something important. Make technology help you, and it will feel much easier!

The Problem of Emotional Bonding

Another issue with remote learning is to keep attached to what you see on screen as you master the information and remain inspired. If you are facing this problem, you have to address your depth of emotional bonding. The best strategy to approach this is to participate in various extracurricular activities and social projects where you can interact with people physically. These can be team assignments or basic community work. It will help to build a strong virtual team and learn more about body language and emotional stability. It will help you to boost your social skills and gain more confidence.


William Fontes knows how challenging it can be to cope with virtual education. As an educator and technology expert, he knows how to find helpful solutions and make technology work for you. Follow William to boost your learning methods and remain inspired.

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