Feeding Your Cat the Right Type of Food: A Guide

selective focus photography of brown and white tabby kitten
Photo by Ihsan Adityawarman on Pexels.com

When you get a cat, there is a lot to think about. Something you might not think too much about is the food you feed it. After all, you can just buy something generic from the grocery store and be done with it. Your new feline companion will be fine, won’t they?

In reality, although this is certainly something you could do, it’s actually better to think more carefully about your specific cat and ensure you feed it the right type of food. Here is a guide to help you.


Cats are carnivores, and therefore they eat meat; they need protein to be in good health. Not all cat foods contain enough protein, which is why it’s so crucial to check before you feed it to your cat.

With the right food, cats can get all their essential amino acids from the protein they ingest, and since protein is what strengthens organs and tissues, it becomes obvious why this is so important. If you want your cat to live a long and healthy life, protein is a must. When they have enough, their fur will be shiny, their eyes will be bright, and they will move easily because their tendons will be supple, among many other benefits.


You might not consider carbohydrates to be one of the essential nutrients a cat would need, but they play an important part in ensuring they stay healthy. You can find out more when you read Cats And Carbohydrates: Fueling Your Feline with Diamond Pet Foods which will give you an in-depth explanation.

However, in short, carbohydrates are a great source of energy for your cat. The more energy they are able to consume, the more active they will be, and this will keep them fit and healthy for longer. Remember, cats sleep for up to twenty hours a day, so when they are awake, it’s important they move around as much as possible.


Just like for humans, a balanced diet for cats will include some fats, and a lot of the time, this will come from the meat they eat, although there are other sources as well, including fish. ‘Good fats’ are essential to a healthy cat, and, when combined with beneficial fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6, they will ensure your cat is as healthy as possible.

Benefits of having enough healthy fat in your cat’s diet include:

  • They will be better able to absorb vitamins
  • They will have more energy
  • They will be able to regulate their body temperature


It might surprise you to learn that some cat owners don’t leave a bowl of clean, fresh water out for their cats because they are under the impression that cats don’t drink a lot and get most of their water intake through their foods.

It’s true that cats won’t drink in long bursts like a dog might, and that a lot of water does certainly come from the food they eat, but it’s still important to give them fresh water every day; they may not drink it, but it’s good for them to have it just in case.

Water will help your cat with its body temperature, it will eliminate toxins from the body and blood, and it will ensure that all nutrients are distributed equally around the body. It’s a helpful tool to boost your cat’s health.

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