Décor ideas to revamp your office space


It is the season of B2O – Back 2 Office! The long weekend that seemed like it would never end has finally ended; well, in most parts of the world! Sure working at home seemed like the best idea in the beginning. But, let’s face it, nobody wants a child screaming in the background while you’re busy in a meeting. Or don’t want to excuse yourself every time there is noise around you.

Getting back to work would mean having the opportunity to draw a clear line between professional and personal life. But at the same time the office wouldn’t feel like home either. No matter how much we want to go to the office, the little voice inside screams to have that cosy place to sit and work. What if I say that you can sit in your cube and still have the comfort of your home? Here are some tips to give your cubicle a home makeover,

The Walls

The first thing anyone notices is the walls. You cannot go out of the box and create crazy wall art (unless you have a really cool boss). However, you can create your cubicle collage or the mood board to help you cope with the tedious day. Let your creativity take a run here and build a personality to your cube. Since most of the furniture comes with easy pin-ups, you can keep changing the picture quite comfortably.

Go green

Green is a colour that reassures us at a very primitive level. Green typifies into life. The human eye has an instinct to calm down looking at this colour. No, I’m not asking you to change your desk’s colour! Bring in some office-friendly plants. These plants won’t require much water to survive. So you don’t have to worry about keeping the desk clean. It helps you create a safe and healthy space to work. And the colour will calm your anxious nerves during the hectic day. 

Invest in stationary

Colour coordinated pins and staplers might seem out of budget but they come at a very mere cost. Pen & notebook holders, wall pockets & calendars, there are various supplies available to declutter your desk’s mess and make it more appealing. If you are into crystals and energies, then ordering the colourful rocks will be worthwhile. With its positive powers, you can get all the healing powers as well as, it becomes an attractive paperweight to help your papers stick around.

Go local

There are so many local businesses that provide you with all the supplies you’d need for your entire life that you’d never have to go online and shop! Supporting local businesses will improve their livelihood and your pockets too. You can save tons of money from shipping and handling. If you can’t find one and want to get in touch with it, many tools can solve your issue. GetEmail.io is the most helpful tool to find an email address by name. Use its Chrome extension to Linkedin and find your local contacts.

So here are some tips to make your space look vibrant and refreshing. Are there any other ideas you’d wish to share? Let us know!

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