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It is a good thing to have an RV if you enjoy moving around a lot. It, however, is not good enough to simply have an RV. It is important that you know how to maintain your RV properly. Maintaining your RV involves cleaning its roof properly and if you are looking to do that, the tips in this article can be of great help.

Always Put Safety First
If you must clean your RV roof properly, you will need to climb to its top the top. While this is quite interesting, it is also dangerous. Although getting to the top of your RV is associated with some degree of danger, it even becomes more dangerous when soap and water are brought into the equation. RVs are high. Due to this, falling off an RV roof can lead to death. In cases where a fall from an RV roof is not fatal, one will always have to be hospitalized.

To avoid falling when washing your RV roof, you will always need to use a spotter. Furthermore, you must use a firm ladder. It is also important that you ensure the ladder is positioned against your RV in the right way.

If you must be safe on an RV roof, make use of a rope in getting your bucket, brush and other cleaning supplies to the roof of your RV. In addition, you must avoid moving across your wet RV surface at all cost.

Get Started by Sweeping the Roof
To get started with washing your RV roof, the first thing you need to do is sweep the roof. This will help you do away with debris. It is also an opportunity to carefully examine the roof. While examining the roof, you need to look out for sap, mildew, and molds. This is in addition to looking out for any breakage or leaks. While examining the top of the roof, before you go ahead to wash the RV roof, ensure you fix any issues.

Rinse the Roof
To get this done you will need a hose and a stable water source. When you rinse your RV roof, you will be able to do away with loose dirt. If the roof is extremely dirty, you will need to cover your RV’s sides with plastic. This will keep it from getting stained because of the degree of dirt flowing down the roof.

Make use of the Right Brush
When washing an RV roof, there are different brushes for different needs. If you are looking to remove grim and dirt, you will get the right results when you use a long-handled sponge mop. The extension this long-handled sponge provides will allow you to exploit the alternative of standing on the ladder while you wash the roof of your RV. The implication of this is slipping off the roof will not be a source of concern.

When carrying out general cleaning, a medium bristle brush will be ideal. This way, you will be able to remove a great degree of dirt. That’s not all. When looking to deal with tougher stains, you will get the right result when you wash with a soft bristle brush.

Use Only Rubber Cleaners that are Non-corrosive and Approved
When washing your RV roof, you will need to select a rubber roof cleaner. While at this, always bear in mind that latex can be destroyed by petroleum distillates and this might mess with its warranty. Furthermore, due to direct contact, loose spots, areas of uneven thickness, and swellings might take place. This occurs due to the fact that adhesives are loosened by the chemical. When this occurs, the roof membranes get swollen.

When you make use of abrasive cleaners like citrus or acidic solvents, the likelihood of the roof getting corroded increases.

To avoid unwanted occurrences when cleaning your RV roof, you should only make use of cleaning chemicals that do not contain any petroleum distillates. By doing this, you can maintain the integrity of the RV roof. If you are not sure of the best soap for your RV roof, you can get the information you need from its manual.

The Cleaning of the Rubber Should be done in Sections
The right way to clean your RV roof is to begin from the back and find your way to the front. When you do this, you will not need to step on any wet area when looking to get off the ladder. You can wash a 3-foot by 3-foot section area with a spray bottle and clean it with any brush you choose. While at this, you will need a bit of pressure. You, however, have to be careful not to apply too much pressure as doing this can damage the rubber.

Rinse Thoroughly
As soon as you are done cleaning the roof of your RV, ensure you rinse it properly. This will help you deal with any extra grime and dirt. While doing this, you will need to pay special attention to the walls and the sides of the roof. This way you can put a check to the buildup of residue. If you do not pay special attention to the walls and sides of your RV roof, you will end up having to deal with unwanted challenges.

When rinsing your RV roof, you will need to be very cautious. This will help you avoid falling or slipping off the roof. You should also pay special attention to the air conditioner or vent when getting off the roof after rinsing it.

Go Through the Entire Process Until the Roof becomes Clean
If you form the habit of cleaning your RV roof regularly, you will not need not clean it more than once before it gets completely clean. However, if you do not always clean it, you might need to go through the cleaning process a couple of times before it actually becomes clean. While going through the process a couple of times is a lot of work, it is something you will get good value for.

When you wash regularly, it becomes easy to avoid water damages, as well as leaks. This makes the entire process of maintaining your RV a lot cheaper.

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