A Buying Guide On LED Tube Lights

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LED lights or Light Emitting Diode lights are the most loved and popular lights among people. The use of these lights has increased vastly in the past few years. The conservation of electricity became a much needed thing nowadays, as the usage increased rapidly. If things go like this there will be a shortage of electricity all over the world. So to consume less energy t8 LED bulbs are the best to be used. They consume very little energy when compared to an incandescent bulb which we used to use earlier. 

LED Tube Lights: 

LED tube lights are the most popular among all types of LED lights as they can be used everywhere from the house to the office. Also, you will get to choose from various types of LED tube lights. The color temperature, power consumption, brightness varies from one type to another. So, it is necessary to know the factors of LED tube light so that it will be easier for you to choose the LED light as per your requirement. So let’s have a closer look at a buying guide on Lepro LED lighting bulbs

A Buying Guide On LED Tube Lights: 

Here you go for the factors or buying guide on LED tube lights which you should consider before going to buy LED tube lights. 

  1. Lumens:

Unlike the incandescent bulb, the brightness of the LED tube light depends upon lumens. Basically, a lumen is a unit that says about the LED tube light’s intensity of brightness which it will emit. The more the lumens the more the brightness the light will generate. If you are buying for office usage then go for a minimum of 2000 lumens lights else for home usage 1600 lumens lights are enough. 

  1. Wattage and efficiency:

To deliver brightness the light will consume a specific amount of electricity and wattage helps to signify the amount. Light’s luminous efficiency is defined by the ratio of lumen to wattage. So, lights having luminous efficiency of more than 85 is good for home while lights having luminous efficiency of more than 100 is suitable for the office. 

  1. Color temperature:

LED tube lights are available in different colors and those are measured by color temperature. The warm yellow light features a color temperature around 3000K and a relaxing as well as a soothing environment, which is good for home-usage. The white or bright blue light features a color temperature of around 5000K and is great for office, showrooms, or supermarket usage. And the color temperature of common white light is 6500K and is suitable for hospitals or art studios. 

  1. Non-dimmable LEDs:

The traditional dimmers were used to control the electricity which is provided to incandescent bulbs. But when it comes to LED tube lights there is no connection between brightness and energy. So, you need to know the two dimmer options for LED tube lights. Go for the tube light which is compatible with the dimmer you used to use earlier else you can change the dimmer according to the LED tube light that you are planning to purchase. 

  1. Smart switch compatibility:

Smart houses and smart appliances are the future. With the developed technology the switches of the lights and fans also developed to be smart. So consider buying the LED tube light which will be compatible with your smart switch. 


Go and buy the LED light as per your requirements after knowing the crucial factors of it. Also, check out the life span of the tube light before buying it. A great buying experience is guaranteed after reading the buying guide on LED tube lights provided above.

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