How to manage time in college


Keeping time is a vital virtue that one should consider when in school. It will not only apply in school, but one will also apply it in their workplace.

Get planners and use them.

During the initial weeks of you the semester. One will receive a lot of information about times in class, assignment help, and deadlines. For one not to forget these activities, one needs to scribble somewhere. So get something like a notebook or daily planner where you will write vital information. It is essential to carry a planner. It will not be of much importance when it is at home. So one must carry it in their bags wherever they go.

Write down essential or crucial dates.

At the beginning of each semester, once one gets the course outline, one must revise each one and note key dates. Look for the dates when the course works are due and when the exams will start. Write all these important dates in your planner such that you do not forget and get surprised. One can plan for his time efficiently and get to prepare for exams on time.

Use electronic calendars.

Most people stay with their computers and phones at all times. One can take advantage of this technology and plan for their time very well. Applications Like google calendar allows one to set reminders and dates for one’s events. One can share their calendar with various people. Students need to organize group events.

Use to-do list applications.

Another type of application that can help is the to-do list, such as Todoist and Wunderlist. One can make notes from every task that you want to finish on a particular day or time. It will help you not to forget important things. There is nothing that feels nice like checking something from your list once you complete it.

Try using clock face planners.

If you have many busy days and are not certain of what and how you will do things, try to use the clock face planner. What you have to do is draw or sketch two clock faces. These two faces will represent twenty-four hours. Shade off the parts that represent the day time on your clock face and divide up portions to represent the activities you will do. This system will permit you to know the duration each activity is taking. It also lets you know what time one will begin the next activity.

Have time to edit work.

It is significant to include the time that you will use to edit your assignments. Before one submits their work, one needs to confirm if his work is consistent, little or add little details, check the formatting, references, and proofread your work. One can allocate one to two days for editing. It is a vital method of improving your grades.

Use library systems.

One you are hurrying to submit your assignments before the deadline, make sure that your library card is not expired and valid. Because your library card is not valid, you do not have permission to enter the library. Also, even if you enter the library, you must know how to look for your work resources. It will save you a lot of time. Learn how to use the library system and the IT system to find out your assignment’s resources.


If these methods do not work, you always try to research other methods. Another extra method that I can give you is to be flexible.

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