Digital currencies are assets that have revolutionized the economic universe that we knew until a few years ago. They bring with them great properties and benefits that drive an increasing number of people to be users of these.

Although Bitcoin is the best known for being the pioneer in this fascinating ecosystem, there were other initiatives that also gained a certain boom in the following years, accompanying the main exponent in this new path that emerged as a quite revolutionary alternative to the financial problems registered in the traditional economy. This is the case with Litecoin, a long-standing digital currency that also serves as one of the first of its kind.

Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency that was launched during the month of October 2011 by Charlie Lee, who was serving as director of the engineering area of Coinbase at that time. The digital currency emerges as an alternative that sought to improve Bitcoin in terms of several of its aspects, especially highlighting an increase in the number of units that could be mined throughout its history incorporating less complexity in the process, also offering times of much faster processing.

Given that this last year the digital currency has gained a lot of boom among crypto users, we present five reasons why it is interesting to contemplate Litecoin as a profitable investment option in the medium/long term. In other words, here are the five reasons to buy Litecoin!

1. Long trajectory

Litecoin is one of the pioneering currencies in the digital currency ecosystem. To date, it has just over ten years in circulation, in which it has remained firm as one of the most recognized alternatives after Bitcoin. Although in the words of its creator, the success of the digital currency is closely linked to the adoption of Bitcoin, it has remained standing despite the onslaught and challenges that the largest cryptocurrency has had to face in its worst moments. The fact of being a digital currency with a long history of several years, which has the support of a large number of followers and merchants at present offers good guarantees about its profitability in the not too distant future, marking a distance from many misleading proposals that they can end up being scams.

2. Business reputation

For several years Litecoin was a currency that was characterized by maintaining a very low financial profile, however, this has been a very positive year for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and visionaries, since today the digital currency is registering a progressive increase in its value.

3. Accessible price

It is one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies with the best commercial reputation on the market today. Litecoin may be a much cheaper alternative for those who want to take their steps in the ecosystem of digital currencies in a more secure way, making a minimum investment that accredits you as the owner of at least one unit of the cryptocurrency.

4. Finite currency

Like Bitcoin and Dash, Litecoin is programmed to have a preset maximum of units, which equates to a total of 84,000,000 LTC. As in other cases, the fact of setting a ceiling for the amount of existing assets causes the currency to eventually increase its value as it approaches its maximum limit of circulating units.

5. Updates to your Blockchain

Unlike Bitcoin, the Litecoin Blockchain is designed to process transactions on its network in a quarter of the time that the main digital currency originally confirmed the transfers (each block was processed in a maximum of 2.5 minutes allowing after that complete asset management).

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