According to statistics, 80% of companies believe that they deliver excellent customer support. Only 8% of customers agree with this statement. That means that companies should care about their customer support and pay attention to what information they provide, how fast they respond, and how they react to critics.

In case the company can’t set up quality customer service on its own, it’s a good idea to hire an outsourced customer service team. It will become the voice of the business. But how to do this effectively? Try following these five main steps.

Step 1. Decide why do you need an outsourced customer service

Before searching for the appropriate company, make a list of reasons why you need outsourced customer support for your business. There are several topics you should consider.

Among the right reasons to outsource customer service are:

To reduce costs

The customer support department inside the company costs a lot. According to different estimations, the price of all technical equipment and the hiring process may rise to $2-3K. With an outsourced customer support team you should not cover these expenses.

To communicate with customers better

One more important reason for switching to an outsourced customer service team is to cover more requests during a shorter time. It’s worth trying. An outsourced customer support partner may provide your project with a considerable amount of call agents. And you, as a business, will pay for the time spent on your particular needs only.

The same situation is with global coverage. If the company wants to perform in international markets, customer support that speaks different languages is necessary.

To boost the results.

Good customer support is one of the keys to improving the business and reaching long-term goals. If you want to grow in the future, establish new products or increase the revenue, make the first step and talk to your customers better, faster, and more effective.

Among the wrong reasons to outsource customer support services one can mention:

To reduce the costs dramatically.

Yes, outsourced customer support will decrease the costs but not as much as you probably may think. Be ready to pay for good services. Cheap customer support suppliers may be harmful to your business or offer only limited options for collaboration.

To be as far as possible from customer support.

If you think that outsourced customer service helps you forget about these tasks, you are wrong. You will be directly involved in all the processes and know about issues that happened.

Step 2. Search for a possible supplier

It will take time. The best option — to find a company that already has a good reputation among your partners or friends. Always take a look at the feedback and never make quick decisions. Another option is to ask for a trial period and analyze how an outsourced customer support team works in actual conditions.

Some companies offer to sign a contract and then don’t charge you during the first month of collaboration. This period is spent  on hiring needed specialists and their internship or training. Use this opportunity to estimate how professional the company is.

If you get a dedicated manager responsible for your project, get acquainted with this person and be sure that you can reach him or her anytime.

Step 3. Prepare everything you need

Hiring outsourced customer support doesn’t mean just transferring calls from you to another company. Customers should not understand that something has changed. The quality should stay at the same level.

That not to lose anything, create some particular helpful documents listed below:

Step 4. Choose the services

96% of customers say that the quality of customer support service influences their loyalty to the brand. So it’s essential to choose what type of customer support you are going to provide.

  • Email support is the best option if you can’t answer immediately. Twenty-four hours for one request is acceptable. Moreover, responding to emails is more manageable in terms of getting needed information, checking, etc.
  • Call center is the most common type of customer support. The number of calls depends on the size of your business. In some big companies, customer support agents handle hundreds of calls per day.
  • Live chats and messengers are easier to manage comparably with the call center. They require more quick answers than emails but help to share information with the customers more comfortably.

Step 5. Sign the contract

If you are satisfied with the outsourced customer service team, sign the contract and start collaborating. Don’t forget to agree with the supplier about checking points, KPIs, and milestones important for both of you. Customer support company should immediately inform you about all issues, unsatisfied clients, or other problems.

And don’t be afraid to change the partner company if you find mistakes or experience misunderstanding. Sometimes it’s necessary to try different options to find the right one.

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